Member of the National Board (Company Director)

Status:  Part-time volunteer.

Reports to:  The chair of the national board.

Position Summary

This position has responsibility to guide and monitor the management of Compass – finances God’s way Ltd (Australia) allowing it to undertake its vision and mission, which is to equip people to faithfully apply God’s financial principles so they may know Christ more intimately, be free to serve Him, and help fund the Great Commission.

  • Is a mature follower of Jesus Christ:  growing in love for God, walking in obedience to God’s Word, modelling servant leadership and biblical stewardship with integrity.
  • Understand and agree with the Compass vision, mission, core values, and statement of faith.
  • Have participated in a Compass small group course.
Legal Duties
  • Take care of Compass by ensuring prudent use of all assets – including facilities, people, and good will – and provide oversight for all activities that advance the organisation’s effectiveness and sustainability.  (Legal: “Duty of due care”).
  • Make decisions in the best interest of Compass, not in his or her self-interest. (Legal: “Duty of loyalty”).
  • Ensure that Compass obeys applicable laws and acts in accordance with ethical practices;  that the organisation adheres to its stated corporate purposes, and that its activities advance its mission.  (Legal: “Duty of obedience”).
Responsibilities of a Board Chair
  • Oversees board meetings (in person, or email, or phone, or video call).
  • Works in partnership with the national director to make sure board resolutions are carried out.
  • Calls special meetings if necessary.
  • Appoints all committee chairs, and with the national director, recommends who will serve on committees.
  • Assists the national director in preparing the agenda for board meetings.
  • Assists the national director in conducting new board member orientation.
  • Oversees searches for a new national director.
  • Coordinates the national director’s annual performance evaluation.
  • Acts as an alternate spokesperson for the organisation.
  • Periodically consults with board members on their roles and helps them assess their performance.
Responsibilities of a Board Secretary
  • Ensure the safety and accuracy of all board records.
  • Review board minutes.
  • Assume responsibilities of the chair in the absence of the board chair and chair-elect.
  • Provide notice of meetings of the board and/or of a committee when such notice is required.
Responsibilities of a Board Treasurer
  • Understand financial accounting for non-profit organisations.
  • Manage the board’s review of and action related to the board’s financial responsibilities.
  • Work with the national director to ensure that appropriate financial reports are made available to the board on a timely basis.
  • Present the annual budget to the board for approval.
  • Review the annual audit and answer board members’ questions about the audit.
Responsibilities of a Board Member
  • Attend all board meetings (in person, or e-mail, or phone, or video call).
  • Maintain knowledge of the organisation and personal commitment to its goals and objectives.
  • Regularly pray for the national ministry of Compass.
  • Actively contribute to advance the ministry of Compass.

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You must never use your affiliation with Compass – finances God’s way to promote or influence the sale of any financial investments, or financial and/or professional services.  Compass does not endorse, recommend, or sell any financial investments.  Compass does not give specific investment advice.